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Please report issues in the SIM535 SHIP Forum on

Support for SHIP Version 4 is not planned for SIM535. There are 3 separate firmware elements in SHIP Version 5:

  • SHIPPaddle - the early stage boot loader (very small, responsible for loading SHIPTug)
  • SHIPTug - the full boot loader (often held in serial flash)
  • SHIPEngine - the main GUI management engine

If your SIM has SHIPEngine 5.0.107 or later, any or all of these elements can be upgraded in your SIM through SHIPTide or over-the-wire (SPI, UART, USB) from your connected embedded system.

Factory Reset

During the beta process, it is recommended you do a full "Factory Reset" of your SIM using the TugInstall package. See TugInstall for details.