SHIPv5 Factory Reset

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You can do a full "Factory Reset" of your SIM using the TugInstall package which is uploaded into the SIM as if it were SHIPEngine but causes:

  • a full factory reset of the SIM's non-volatile memory, including wiping all file systems, configurations, and persistent variables
  • a re-install of Paddle
  • a re-install of Tug

After TugInstall, you will need to individually download SHIPEngine to the SIM.

In summary, the factory reset process is:

  1. Upload TugInstall to your SIM as if it were a new SHIPEngine upgrade
  2. Reboot the SIM -- TugInstall will run, wipe the various non-volatile memories, and install SHIPPaddle and SHIPTug
  3. The SIM will reboot and reformat any on-SIM file systems
  4. Upload SHIPEngine to your SIM
  5. Reboot the SIM

All of these operations can be performed from SHIPTide over USB, or alternatively over-the-wire (SPI, UART, USB) from a connected embedded system using the SHIPBridge protocol.