Blink Codes

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Blink Codes were introduced in SHIP Version 5, as part of the SHIPv5 Boot System.

During execution of various elements SHIP on the target hardware there are several fatal fault conditions possible. When one of these conditions occurs, there may or may not be any indication on the LCD screen possible.

For example,

  • the LCD's backlight power supply has failed and the particular SIM has the ability to detect this condition
  • during initial power up the external RAM on the module does not initialize and validate
  • during power up the first stage (Paddle) bootloader of the SHIPv5 Boot System cannot find the second stage boot loader or an application

are all fatal, non-recoverable errors.

When one of these types of errors happens, the SIM's LCD backlight (or, failing that, one of the user LEDs on the board) will flash in a repeated pattern of long and short flashes with a short pause between each short or long flash and a long pause between the repeated sequences.

Determining these long/short sequences can tell you what the error is according to this chart:

Code Description
L Paddle says no tug and no app available
LS No app found from tug
LL Generic hardware problem
LSS External RAM memory has a problem
LSL Power supply has a problem
LLS External serial flash memory has a problem
LLL External eMMC memory has a problem
LSSS Clock source has a problem
LSSL Tug installation failed