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If you need to completely restore your SIM to factory defaults, the best way to do that is to install the TugInstall application in place of SHIPEngine and reboot your SIM. TugInstall:

  • does a full factory reset of the SIM's non-volatile memory, including all file systems, configurations, and persistent data values
  • re-installs SHIPPaddle, the early stage bootloader
  • re-installs SHIPTug, the main bootloader

After TugInstall, you will need to individually install SHIPEngine to the SIM.

TugInstall can be installed to your SIM from SHIPTide over USB, or from a connected embedded system over UART/SPI/USB using the SHIPBridge protocol.

Getting TugInstall for your SIM

See the individual SIM's firmware pages for the latest TugInstall and other firmware: