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The Serious Documentation Zone is a collection of reference material for all of our products, from hardware to software solutions. Browse through schematics, technical reference manuals, applications notes, and even training videos to learn all about building GUIs with SHIP and unlocking the potential Serious Integrated products

About Serious Integrated

At Serious Integrated, we're all about connections. We connect people to machines, machines to the cloud, and your OEM system to the world. Offering a wide array of products to get you started, supported during development, and through to full production, Serious Integrated is your partner for OEM system design.

Products & Services

Our wide array of products deliver an unprecedented level of flexibility and features engineered to deliver exactly what you need to make your development cycle as painless as possible. Choose from an expansive selection of graphic front panel LCD displays (SIMs), Power and Comms Modules (SCMs), and a variety of accessory units...not to mention full Engineering, Design, and Training Services. Serious Executive Team

Founded by executives from Intel, RIM, and Microchip in 2008, Serious focuses on innovation and results whil leaving corporate politics and red-tape behind. Meet the people that drive Serious to get amazing things done.