AN1008 - Get Started Using SHIPCrane

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Starting SHIPCrane

Once you double click on the app and it comes up, you will see something like the following image. When SHIPCrane comes up, there is no data loaded.

AN1008 - Starting Up SHIPCrane Image

Connecting Your Devices to the USB Ports

After you have connected your devices to the USB ports, you will see them appear under the "Connected Modules" tab.

AN1008 - Connecting Devices to SHIPCrane Image

Importing a Firmware Bundle (Optional)

If you plan to update the firmware of your devices, choose the bundle to update with.

Import Button

Click on the "Import" button at the bottom left of the app.

AN1008 - Importing a Firmware Bundle to SHIPCrane Image

You will see the "Import Container" popup screen show.

Bundle Selection

Select the "Bundles" tab to see available versions depending on the selection of the "Active", "Retired", and "Experimental" check boxes as well as the "Platform" drop down select.

After choosing the desired bundle, click the "Import" button.

AN1008 - SHIPCrane Container Import Pop Up Image

When complete, you will see all firmware types imported and loaded with their "Type" shown, Bootstrapper for Paddle, Installer for Tug, and Application for Engine in this case.

Unlock Container

Click on the "Unlock Container" link in order to edit selections.

AN1008 - SHIPCrane Unlocking Container Image

Mode Select

Ensure the "Mode" drop down for Paddle, Tug, and Engine is "Bootloader".

After Select


Change the "After" drop down for the Bootstrapper Type to "Nothing". This tells SHIPPaddle to do nothing after installation of its firmware.


Change the "After" drop down for the Installing Type to "Restart". This tells SHIPTug to restart after the installation of its firmware.


Change the "After" drop down for the Application Type to "Nothing". This tells SHIPEngine to do nothing after installation of its firmware.

AN1008 - SHIPCrane Mode and After Drop Downs Image

Importing Your Cargo (Optional)

If you are updating an GUI image you can incorporate it in with the other updates.

Choose File

In the area below "3", click on the "…" button to bring up the "Choose File or Container" popup in order to choose a cargo file.


Click the "Confirm" button when done.

AN1008 - Importing Cargo GUI in SHIPCrane Image

A new "Type" of Cargo will be added.

Set Mode

Ensure the "Mode" drop down is set to Bootloader.

Set After

Change the "After" drop down to Launch. This tells the Cargo to launch after installation.

AN1008 - Cargo Type SHIPCrane Image


Click the "Program" button to begin programming all connected devices. You will see SHIPCrane update the status of all devices until complete.

AN1008 - SHIPCrane Update Status Image


Devices will show as "Done" when complete.

AN1008 - SHIPCrane Done Status Image