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A GUI Reference Manual ("GRM") is your guide to each hardware platform and how to use the features of the platform within the Serious Human Interface™ Platform and SHIPTide.

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform ("SHIP") is a complete rapid GUI development and deployment system. The SHIP Total IDE ("SHIPTide") is the PC-based GUI design tool which generates a complete GUI data file including fonts, images, layout, resources, events and scripts. This data file, called the "Cargo" is then downloaded into a SIM's storage (often serial FLASH). SHIPEngine is the runtime binary engine installed on the SIM that, when it boots, discovers the cargo binary and unpacks and renders the GUI.

When creating a GUI in SHIPTide, the developer often needs to interact in the GUI environment with the underlying hardware platform features, for example listen to the touch screen or dim the brightness on the LCD display.

Each major feature of the hardware platform is represented in the GUI environment as a port. For example, most SIMs have a glass port, a touch port, one or more uart ports, etc. Controlling and reading the features in each of these ports is done through special variables called port variables (specifically, portvars) that exist within their respective ports.

These GUI Reference Manuals (GRMs) are not meant to fully describe the functionality and typical usages of each port and portvar. Rather, this GRM is designed to outline what ports and portvars are available, appropriate value ranges, and any special usage notes. The broader description of ports and portvars, including example usages, is found elsewhere in applications notes and online training videos. Consult the SHIP Documentation Home Page for a complete list of references and training.

List of GRMs

GRMs are currently available for the following platforms: