Updating SIM Firmware from SHIPTide

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SHIPTide v5 enables SIM firmware updates in seconds!

This capability was introduced in SHIPTide v5.0.107 and expanded in .127 to include a "web live" feature where SHIPTide will automatically pull new firmware updates from the web for your SIM -- no more hunting this site to find the latest firmware, though you still have the ability of installing from manually downloaded files.

One-Time Update to SHIP v5.0.107 or Later

You need SHIPEngine v5.0.107 or later installed on your SIM. If not, you'll have to go through a one-time update process:

SIM Current Version Process
SIM225 or Renesas YLCDRX64N/YLCDRX63NE prior to v5.0.107 follow these one-time instructions
SIM225 or Renesas YLCDRX64N/YLCDRX63NE v5.0.107+ See below for updating firmware from SHIPTide
SIM115, SIM231, or SIM535 (Production Versions) v5.0.107+ See below for updating firmware from SHIPTide
SIM115, SIM231, or SIM535 (Pre-release Versions) any contact Serious

Web-Based Firmware Updates

First, download the latest SHIPEngine v5 for your SIM and launch it with your SIM connected to your PC.


  1. Select File->SIM Firmware Update
  2. Choose the SIM you want to update
  3. After a moment, the currently installed firmware versions will be displayed here
  4. Select the type of updates you are interested in
  5. Select the specific update bundle you want; bundles can contain 1 or more elements. Look to the left to see what versions the bundle contains of the different firmware elements
  6. Release notes for the firmware bundle will appear; review these to see which elements are in the bundle, which versions of those elements, and what the changes/updates to those elements were.
  7. Select Program to automatically download and install the selected updates onto your SIM; your SIM may reboot several times
SIM Firmware Update Live.jpg

Manual File-Based Firmware Updates

You can still manually install firmware files from your PC's hard drive. On the SIM Firmware Updater panel, select Files:

SIM Programming.jpg

and then manually select the files for download to your SIM and select Program.

SIM Firmware Update File Selector.jpg