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For more v4.0 releases, see SHIPEngine v4.0

Release Date: xx

Retired Date: xx

Status: Production, Retired

Platform Download
SIM110 SHIPEngine v4.0.222 for Serious SIM110 (.mot)  ↴ 
SIM205 SHIPEngine v4.0.222 for Serious SIM205 (.mot)  ↴ 
SIM225 SHIPEngine v4.0.222 for Serious SIM225 (.mot)  ↴ 
YLCDRX63N SHIPEngine v4.0.222 for Renesas YLCDRX63N (.mot)  ↴ 


  • Variant support: skips GPIO portvar checking when that portvar is not in the cargo/platform variant
  • SHIPLink refresh states enabled now reflect through proper path

New Features

  • new Sail function: atoi()
  • new uart port property for transmitter enabling (especially useful for half duplex and multidrop networks)