AN1006 - Resetting SHIPTide to the Default Layout

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Sometimes we make changes when trying to optimize things that backfire on us. Rest easy, SHIPTide does allow you to reset your desktop to the default state. Just follow the steps below to get back to square one!

NOTE: Always make sure you save your project before resetting your SHIPTide Desktop!

From the Workspace Menu

From the top menu, click "Workspace" and then select the "Desktop" sub-menu and choose "Default." This should initialize the interface and return it to the default state.

Resetting the SHIPTide desktop from the top menu

Alternate Method

If you have any difficulties, you can also try this:

From the top menu, select "Tools," then "Options."

Alternate method of resetting the SHIPTide desktop, first image

Now, click on the tab labeled "Developer Settings." Click the button in the lower right that reads "Clear IDE Settings & Cached Files." SHIPTide will restart (prompting you to save project changes in the process) with its settings restored to default.

Alternate method of resetting the SHIPTide desktop, second image