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For more v4.0 releases, see SHIPEngine v4.0

Release Date: xx

Retired Date: xx

Status: Beta, Not for Production Use

Platform Download
SIM102 SHIPEngine v4.0.210 for Serious SIM102(.hex)  ↴ 
SIM110 SHIPEngine v4.0.210 for Serious SIM110 (.mot)  ↴ 
SIM205 SHIPEngine v4.0.210 for Serious SIM205 (.mot)  ↴ 
SIM225 SHIPEngine v4.0.210 for Serious SIM225 (.mot)  ↴ 
YLCDRX63N SHIPEngine v4.0.210 for Renesas YLCDRX63N (.mot)  ↴ 



  • fixed timers to work as documented
  • getChild() function now gets child based on modulus (parent returned if no children)
  • renamed charAt() to codePointAt()
  • corrected mod (%) calculations to match C standard (result has the same sign as divisor).
  • Added limits to SHIP_Glass portvar's gamma, contrast, intensity, backlight so if you try to set them more or less than allowed, they "peg"
  • fixed minor text alignment problems and text/image opacity issues

New Features

  • new Sail function: codePointToString()
  • ability to dim backlight on SIM110, 205, 225