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SHIPEngine is the embedded runtime GUI engine for Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs) that turns cargo files created by SHIPTide into functioning, interactive GUIs.

Quick Links

Have a SIM225 or Renesas YLCDRX63N/YLCDRX63NE you want to clean-install to the latest SHIPEngine v5 and boot loader firmware?

follow these instructions

Once you have v5.0.107 or later installed on your SIM/YLCD, you can easily update all the device's firmware from SHIPTide.

SHIPEngine Upgrade Process

SHIP Version 5 has an easy update process; see Updating SHIPEngine v5 from SHIPTide.

To update your SIM's SHIPEngine v4 firmware:

  • Over USB: Renesas-based SIMs can use the SHIP FLASH Programmer
  • Over JTAG: see the specific SIM's download page for details.

SHIPEngine Downloads