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Function Returns Introduced Description
bufPut Integer v5.1.0 Stores data into a buffer.

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Integer bufPut(Buffer buf Integer offset Node var[, ...]);

Parameters/Return Value

Parameter Data Type Description
buf Buffer Buffer to use for storage
offset Integer Offset into the buffer
var Node Object to retrieve data for storage into buffer
... Node Multiple Nodes may be specified to store data into buffer
Return Integer number of bytes written into buffer.

Detailed Description

Stores data into a buffer from the designated object of type Node. The data will be stored as the datatype specified from the object it received it from. Data will start being stored at the specified offset of the buffer. If multiple Nodes are specified, data from all will be sequentially inserted into the buffer.


Example Result Notes
bufPut(infoBuf, 30, strEg1); 30
bufPut(splashBuf, 0, intEg1); 100