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Node Type Description
link Creates a communications link and binds a protocol to a physical comm port.

A link node binds a protocol to a physical communications channel. Each channel in a platform may only be bound once to a single protocol. For example, UART0 can only be bound to a single protocol (e.g. MODBUS_MASTER_RTU).

Parent Nodes

The following nodes are permitted to hold this node:

Child Nodes

The following nodes are permitted to exist within this node:


Property Data Type Description
name** String The name used to identify this node in SHIPTide.
protocol PROTOCOL The protocol bound to the channel (e.g. MODBUS_MASTER_RTU)
channel UART Port A UART port name (e.g. UART0)
refresh* Boolean Set true to start a polling cycle on master/slave protocols; goes false when poll complete
enabled* Boolean Defaults to false; must be set true at runtime from a Sail script to enable the link

*available at SHIPEngine run time only and cannot be set in SHIPTide. Use a Sail script at shiplaunch time if this property needs to be set when the GUI starts to run.

**available only in SHIPTide; cannot be accessed from Sail scripts at run-time.


For example, the following link binds a MODBUS_SLAVE_ASCII protocol to UART0:

Property Value
name myModbusSlave
channel platform.UART0