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Node Type Description
layout Top of the Layout Area within a SHIP GUI, which completely describes how the GUI is visually organized.

The layout node is the top of the Layout Area within a SHIP GUI, which completely describes how the visual GUI is organized into pages and objects with pages.

The name of the layout node is also layout, so objects in the layout area can be prefixed by "layout.[name]".


The layout is a top level node within SHIP and cannot be held in any other node type.

All SHIP Nodes are described here.


The following nodes are permitted within the layout node:

Node Type Description
box A generic rectangular container, available as a reusable resource or layout element.
constant Defines a constant value for use in SHIPTide properties or SAIL scripts.
display Contains the visual GUI layout for a specific LCD display/touch set.
group Lightweight node that encloses other nodes for pure organizational benefit, or to create an array of nodes.
listener Monitors one or more properties (including variable values!) for changes, and on changes invokes a script.
script Run-time algorithms, written in SHIPSail.
text Defines a text resource or a visual text representation.
timer Generates delays and timed alarm events.
variable Run-time value accessible by scripts and able to generate events on change.

only these are permitted directly underneath the layout node.


Property DataType Description
name** String The name used to identify this node in SHIPTide.

**available only in SHIPTide; cannot be accessed from Sail scripts at run-time.

Note that the name property for the layout node is hard-coded to "layout" and this cannot be changed in SHIPTide by the GUI designer. While possible, it is strongly discouraged that the GUI designer assign the name "layout" to any other node in the GUI to avoid confusion.


The layout node is not explicitly shown in SHIPTide.